Menstrual Phase: Days 1-5

Follicular Phase: Days 6-14

Luteal Phase: Days 19-28

Ovulatory Phase: Days 14-18

Feeling out of sync with your cycle?

Experiencing irregular periods, mood swings, extreme PMS, poor blood flow or low energy levels? Say goodbye to the frustration and hello to Cycles in Sync – a revolutionary program designed to help you understand and align with your menstrual cycle effortlessly.

28th August - 12th September

Who is this program for?

Yes, you read that right! Every menstruating woman NEEDS to introduce cycle syncing in her life

28th August - 12th September

How is Cycles in Sync going to help?

Cycles in Sync is not just another program; it's a transformative journey tailored to your individual needs. This program will not only help you bid goodbye to period problems and achieve hormonal wellbeing, but also let you take charge of your emotions and make you feel more in control of your everyday life!

Whether its about

By embracing the principles of Cycle Syncing, you’ll learn to

28th August - 12th September

Through a combination of expert guidance, simple recipes, lifestyle adjustments, and mindful practices, Cycles in Sync helps you:

Maximize energy levels, productivity and focus

Minimize PMS and mood swings


Promote healthier periods

Make workouts more effective


Improve fertility support


Minimize PMS and mood swings


Reduce weight fluctuations

Enhance mental clarity and emotional wellness

28th August - 12th September

This program is for you if:

You suffer from mid cycle spotting, irregular periods, PMS and mood swings, low energy levels

Or you simply want to have better emotional control, maximise your potential at work, plan your workouts and meals for each phase and feel more empowered and in control of your life!

28th August - 12th September

What does the program include?

Guidance and personal check-ins by our expert nutritionists on WhatsApp.

Personalised progress calls after the program to support you on your next steps.

50 nutrient dense recipes to help you enhance your hormones in each phase.

Extensive research to support our program and principles - basically an answer to all your why, what, where, when, how!

An attempt to create a deeper connection with yourself, enhance productivity and energy levels and get emotionally balanced.

28th August - 12th September