Wellness Solutions that sync with every phase of your life

One Program

3-6 months one on one program for
PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid Issues, Hashimotos, Autoimmune Conditions, Anxiety, Weightloss, Balancing Nutrient Deficiencies for Hairfall and acne

Your relationship with food can only be as healthy as your relationship with yourself

Gut Cleanse Program

15 days community based program to solve inflammatory issues
IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Constipation, Stubborn Weight, Extreme Lethargy, Anxiety and overthinking, Excessive Gas and Bloating, Food Allergies

Your gut is your super power. Your second brain. The sense of who you are originates from your gut.

Meal Plan Program

5 Week self paced program that enables you to understand basic principles for a healthy sustainable lifestyle

Learning how to Eat the cake but not our emotions, is the only way to achieve balance.

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On the discovery call, we look at understanding your health concerns and goals, to check if we are a right fit for each other or not. Apart from this we look at identifying your symptoms and corelating it with possible underlying conditions and explain how lifestyle and nutrition could be the driving factor here and how would the One Program benefit you.