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What is The One Plus Program?

With the One Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your health journey directly with me. This personalized consultation will delve into the intricacies of your well-being, allowing us to craft a tailor-made plan that fits your lifestyle and aspirations.

One vs One Plus program

The difference between the One Program with our incredible team and One Plus is that you get a One-on-One extra session with Me!

This exclusive session is all about you—your health concerns, unique needs, and specific goals.

An intense 13 week nutrition program, based on the ethos of one-on-one personal support

Designed to restore your inner health through food, natural supplements and lifestyle changes

Teaches a healthy way of eating based on your goals, that feels effortless & enjoyable

Enables you to achieve long-term and sustainable results keeping in mind your gut health, hormones & food psychology

Who should sign up for The One Plus Program?

If you’re suffering from gut issues, hormonal imbalances or auto-immune conditions that are triggered through your food choices

If medication like OCPs, antacids & laxatives are worsening your symptoms rather than improving it

If you’ve been following one fad diet after the other only to gain back more weight

If your meals are stripping the joy from your life rather than supporting it

Pre & post-natal nutrition advice for weight management.

Here’s what The One Plus Program includes:

Minimum commitment of 13 weeks and can be extended to 25 weeks, If required

Detailed 60 mins long onboarding session with Rashi

Remaining 6 sessions with senior nutrition expert

Regular bloodwork suggestions, report analysis, Supplements with recommended dosage

Highly personalized meal plans to suit your lifestyle

Follow-up calls every 15 days & constant support through WhatsApp

6 months

Sold out

3 months

Sold out

*Please note, if you are in the UAE, 5% VAT would be applicable

Here's what our clients have to say...

I would like to share my first interaction with Rashi back in July 2017,

I had a huge burning sensation in my stomach with bloating after a very serious operation, I was not even able to stand for 10 minutes. Rashi rightly diagnosed the reason to lose weight and it was primarily related to my food intake which she advised and recommended to adapt. Soon I got a huge relief and I also managed to lose the extra weight! Now it's been 4 years, and I feel blessed to have consulted Rashi and I thank her for her marvelous support and treatment. Thanks to you I am also able to go to the gym regularly.

/Mahendra /

The One Program with Rashi

Rashi’s nutrition program has changed my life for the good.

I cannot recommend this program enough. It has brought so many positive changes in my body. The most important thing I learned from this program is how good food can heal the body. Before joining the program, I suffered from acne, irregular bowel movements, and flatulence issues. And after joining this program I immediately saw a significant change in my body. I had joined multiple nutrition classes before hand but none changed my life for good the way Rashi’s program did. Thank you Lakshmi ( my nutrition coach) for all your guidance and help.

/Gauri /

The One Program with Rashi

I was undergoing a lot of pain due to endometriosis and was emotionally fragile.

After joining the program my first few sessions with Rashi helped me understand my mental pain points which I never knew were there inside me. They used to trigger me and at the time of my endo pain, I was extremely hyper. Rashi you made me realize to understand these pain points and what is the reason behind them. I started handling my thoughts better. Post which I have noticed a positive change inside my body. The food definitely helped me balance the hormones and over the period of time, I started feeling lighter. I am thankful to Lakshmi for keeping track of my diet and helping me out to notice if I was going wrong in my diet.


The One Program with Rashi

is not a one-diet-fits-all Program

The One Plus Program is a powerful addition to our offerings, ensuring that you receive the personalized attention you deserve.

Unlock Your Full Potential with One Plus!

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