The 15 Days Gut Cleanse Program is a community based program that focuses primarily on gut issues like bloating, gas, acidity, etc. It is an elimination diet which focuses on nourishing our bodies with gut friendly food and maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet. And since it is an anti-inflammatory diet, clients with autoimmune disorders like eczema, thyroid, PCOS also start to see benefits in 15 days.

26th June - 11th July 2024..

(REGISTRATIONS OPEN - for only Dhs. 500.00)

You cannot balance your hormones without balancing your blood sugar levels. And the 15 Days Blood Sugar Management program focuses on just that. We incorporate a diet in a pattern to help you with your dip in energy levels, hunger pangs, mood swings, insulin resistance, sugar cravings, etc so that you feel more energised throughout the day and have balanced hormones

26th June - 11th July 2024

(REGISTRATIONS OPEN - for only Dhs. 500.00)

If you're a menstruating woman, this program is for you! At the Cycles in Sync Program, we enable you to take more charge of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by incorporating foods, lifestyle habits and activities that sync with every phase of your menstrual cycle so that you can maximise your potential and feel your best self!

17th July - 1st August 2024.

(REGISTRATIONS OPEN - for only Dhs. 500.00)

*Please note - Not for diabetics, pregnant women and people with other severe medical conditions* No refunds or batch change once you sign up.