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Ready For A Change?

Fill up the form to start your journey with us!

The cost for new clients can be anywhere from 4,000 AED for 3 months (approximately 88,607 INR). Are you ready and able to make this investment?*
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Here's what our clients have to say...

Improving Ankita's
Food Psychology

My sessions with Lakshmi really helped change how I think about food. I no longer go for restrictive diets. Instead I try to make my meals more balanced, and make smart choices even when eating out. The program definitely made me realize I don’t need to starve myself to become fitter, healthier and lose weight. Instead, I need to fuel my body the right way. I especially appreciated the fact that the program is focused on improving one’s overall well-being and not just on weight loss.


The One Program with Lakshmi

Reversing Ekta's
Gut Issues & 'Diet' Mindset

3 years and a pregnancy later with Rashi, my gut has never been better. I’ve never felt this empowered when I look at food. I make healthy choices not because I have to, but because I want to. Burping is long gone, and the bloating too.

She’s the best mentor, she understands how our emotions affect our food choices and she’s always helped me do this at my own pace. Before giving me a plan, she always asks where my mindset is at?

She has been so instrumental in my transformation. Being a fat kid, our relationship with food is usually not a healthy one, but years later I’m proud of my journey and I couldn’t have done this without her.

Ekta Mukhi

The One Program with Rashi

Toshita's Anxiety

I came to Rashi about 6 months back when I was majorly struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. It had gotten worst to a point where I was rushing to the emergency departments of hospitals as soon as I felt the onset of the panic attack.

Honestly, Rashi isn't just a dietician who gives you a daily meal plan. She is a therapist. The morning rituals which I will always try to follow made such a massive difference.

I lived in fear each day, what if I get a panic attack when I have no help around. Not having to live with that feeling is my biggest victory which I don't think I could have overcome without Rashi's help.

Toshita Balochi

The One Program with Lakshmi