Here’s what our clients say

My doctor had almost prescribed me ozempic and told me that I had no other option

The 3 month plan with jeanne has helped me alot to understand my body, to gain knowledge about nutrition, and to see how to find the right balance. I am so glad i signed up for the one program with her moving from 6.7 hba1c which falls under diabetes to 5.4 which is normal just in about 2.5 months of working with her was the best feeling ever. My doctor had almost prescribed me ozempic and told me that i had no other option and she came in and instilled hope and some really good practices which i have continued to follow for which i am very grateful. I like how her tried different food options with me and keeping in my mind patterns, habits and reservations. I can’t thank jeanne enough. My weight journey from 89.8 kg to now being 81kg was very motivating and i know i will keep going. As a perfectionist i almost dint sign up for the program thinking i won’t be able to do it with a toddler in my life and i am glad i pushed myself out of my comfort zone and thought even if i can do 50 percent that will take me closer to my health and fitness goals. Once again thanks alot for all your plans, guidance, motivation and encouragement. Thanks for reminding me to go easy on myself. Wishing you all the very best.

/ Joslin Gracias /

"I came here being severely underweight, having major food psychology issues, body image issues, and my hormones were completely out of sync.

I hadn't got a normal period in over eight months , my sex drive was almost as good as not there .I was also diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my right side two years back which i got removed during the course of the one program . Today, i probably do not have words to express my gratitude to lakshmi for what she's helped me achieve and the place she's helped me get to. My entire life has turned a 180 degrees. Today, i have a great discipline with my food and diet. I have put on a healthy 10 kgs and no regrets. My face cleared out a month into the program. The glow on my face is back my food psychology and body image issues have been addressed to a very large degree. I don't hop on the weighing scale every third hour of the day anymore i do not calorie count . I eat a healthy balanced diet at fixed timings my period has come back to a 30 day cycle. The cramping has gone down substantially,who knew that could happen -struggled with that for almost 20 years the support lakshmi gave me post my laproscopy surgery was tremendous. Altering the diet accordingly and helping the recovery my sleep has improved - my workouts are better timed. More than anything i have learnt to respect what my body wants and i've started respecting my body cues and that has happened because i have started cycle syncing. That one /two zits a week before the period doesn't bother me anymore, i know that it's a cycle, i've becoming more forgiving towards myself and my body and accepting it for what it is i do not have the permanent headaches i once used to have my constipation issues have been addressed and most of all, i am ready to now to extend my family ! What these women are doing is nothing short of stuff of legends.. Absolutely game changing and in my case life altering.. I am going to be indebted to you for life. Keep up the fantastic work !

/ Divyangana Gupta /

I did the 3 months program and it was the best decision ever!

My main goal was to fix the hormonal imbalance (due to which I was getting bad acne on jawline and lower cheeks and back), to fix delayed periods and to regulate thyroid (it was slightly on the high side). At the end of the first month, I felt light and energetic, and the bloating had reduced vastly; I didn’t see any improvement in acne. At the end of the 2nd month, I had gotten 1 period naturally and acne improved in the sense that no new big pimples came, the existing ones started to calm down. But still I had acne marks and skin was dull. At the end of the 3rd month, again my period came naturally, and my skin started to look so much better as pimple scars started to heal (I also followed a proper acne skincare routine) and no new pimples surfaced. I also did my thyroid test and it came normal! During these 3 months I did yoga regularly (3x a week) as many people told me that along with diet, yoga helps in fixing hormonal imbalance. I highly recommend the 3 month program to anyone who wants to fix their issues naturally and for long term instead of just taking pills and getting expensive treatments done! The guidance that the team gives is very targeted to the individual and can be followed life-long!

/ Nikita Jain /

I wouldnt believe if anybody tell me that food is related to our mental health.

First of all, i have to thank Rashi and her team for creating such an amazing opportunity for people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle. Before experiencing this journey, I wouldnt believe if anybody tell me that food is related to our mental health. I was anxious and emotional before I start this program and everything little thing would affect me. But soon after I started following Lakshmi to the core, I started feeling much better and now at the end of the program, I can think clearly on what I am doing and what I want to do. My sleep is better, my digestion is better, my period is on time, there is no bloating during periods, I lost 12kgs and feel much lighter and healthier. This program helped me to be clear on what type of food could affect my body and can help my body. Thank you Lakshmi for being patient with me in answering all the questions I ask and guiding me through out.

/ Vinuthna Chillakuru /

I was having acne, gut issues, and hormonal issues. Since I wanted to address the root cause and heal, I signed up for Rashi Chowdhary’s ONE Program

First, a huge THANK YOU to Lakshmi from Rashi’s team. Without her, this healing journey would not have been possible. I was having acne, gut issues, and hormonal issues. Since I wanted to address the root cause and heal, I signed up for Rashi Choudhary’s ONE Program in October 2022. I had an incredible three months journey with Lakshmi. Lakshmi was outstanding in her craft. She understood my concerns and assured me I would be fine. One of the best parts of the program was that she did not have a cookie-cutter diet plan for me. My goal was customized per my lifestyle and food preferences and also included modifications if needed. However, the coaching was not limited to nutrition alone but was also rooted in lifestyle changes. From my end, I believed in the process and trusted everything Lakshmi told me to do. And the results are incredible. Thankfully I haven’t had acidity flares, bloating, or gassiness since the 4th week into the program. My acne also went away without those harsh medications. And my weight reduced effortlessly, which felt like cherry-on-the-top. My three months program is complete, and I plan to extend this program with new fitness goals. So, Lakshmi, here I come again. I highly recommend Lakshmi to anyone looking to heal their issues with a healthy lifestyle rather than unnecessary medication. Thank you again!

/ Jayanti /

"I joined this program looking for a solution to my migraine...

I cannot thank you enough for all your help in making me regain my health and well being. I joined the programme because I was looking for a solution to my migraine. I could hardly go a day without a headache. As a result, every thing in my life from my work to my social interactions suffered. Since I've started the programme, my headaches have gone. It surprises me when I am out for an entire day and still come back home with no throbbing headache. It feels miraculous. But what is even more surprising is the many other positive changes that came along with it. I no longer have severely painful menstrual cramps like I used to. I feel active and the constant brain fog I experienced has been lifted. I feel focused. I don't get new acne breakouts. I can also sleep better. If all this wasn't enough, I have also lost 5kgs and I feel healthier. I am immensely grateful to you and the entire team.

/ Kiran Tujare /

"I still remember when I was miserable, my gut would hurt a lot, had sleepless nights and low energy levels throughout the day..

Lakshmi is an incredible person, one of the most knowledgeable and practical people I've ever met. I still remember when I was miserable, my gut used to hurt a lot in the morning. I couldn't sleep properly, and my energy levels were low. I was very skinny, etc

During the first two weeks of one program, I didn't see any results. I was not sad or angry because I knew how bad my gut condition was. I had gut issues my entire life and It was only getting worse. (I'm 22 now). So I stayed put on the plan even though I hated it(sorry Lakshmi :/ ). I used to eat plain, simple easy-to-digest food which was boring while my friends and family could eat anything they want, Pizza, burger, rolls, Sharwama, and Pastry. Anything. Sad right?

But here's the catch, healing your gut condition or any other condition isn't all exciting, and motivating, it's boring, tedious, and requires you to detach from your feelings sometimes. You have to stay put even if you don't get to see any results. But once you start healing it's beautiful.

After one month my stomach cramps stopped completely, my energy level rose, my sleep got better, and I started to gain weight. Just to set the context I've been skinny all my life, at one time (Nov 2021) my weight was 42kg and my height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Today, my weight is 51 kg and increasing every month. My sleep and energy are also getting better.

Right now I'm not completely healed but I'm in on the path to it.

Thanks, Lakshmi for helping me make this progress.

/ Deepak /

"Rashi and her team have been a God sent!!

Our son Karan had severe eczema which started when he turned 2 and a half years old. It started out very light and progressed very fast to a state where he was not even able to have a bath properly and had to leave school for a while as well as his skin was very bad with sores and it itched him constantly. When he turned around 4 and a half year old we switched him onto a full vegan and gluten free diet. This helped him a lot and he was able to go back to school and resume life to a semi normal level. He still suffered a lot during the nights (not having a full nights un-interrupted sleep) and his food was very very limited. This affected his growth levels and also socially was very difficult due to all his food restrictions (which made him conscious). It was at this time that we found out about Rashi and her team. We contacted her when Karan was around 7 years old and we thank our stars that she agreed to see him. Due to his young age she took her time to speak with us and understand the whole situation before telling us that she could and would help him; and boy did she do exactly that! He was always a bright child and was very aware of what was happening in his life. Through it all he always had a very positive attitude but after Rashi came in his life he has blossomed into a very very active child who has maintained his positive attitude, actually has an ever bigger zest for life now. Rashi introduced him back to a lot of his favorite foods which he had left a few years back. She added back fish and chicken, potatoes and rice and so many more things which he had done without for more than 3 years! His life changed in many ways. He could now go out to his friends house or to restaurants without taking his food packed from home. This had put a toll on him which we didn't realize before and which maybe even he had gotten used to, but now that he had options his confidence grew. He could never play sports before because as soon as he started sweating he would itch uncontrollably but after he started on Rashi's plan he started playing sports. He even joined a football team and trains and plays 2 to 3 times a week, sweating and all without itching. I know I have spoken a lot about other aspects of his life but now I will speak about his health. His height and weight are now on par with what it should be; his skin has cleared completely (the eczema now only flares when he accidently eats something he is allergic to and even then not as badly as before); he sleeps throughout the night helping in so many ways (as we all know now a good nights sleep is very essential); his immunity levels have increase dramatically and he doesn't fall sick as often as he would before.

I attribute his better life for a large part to his diet which Rashi is responsible for. She knows what foods he is allergic to and had helped us grow his food variety mixing it up in ways that he wont get bored and at the same time get all the nutrients he needed. Rashi and her team helped educate us in the right foods and how food can heal so many conditions. When we think diet our first thought goes to losing weight but with Rashi and her team its not only about that. Its more about living a balanced and healthy but sustainable diet to improve your overall health or as in our Karan's case completely changing your life by treating a medical condition with food.

Rashi and her team go over and beyond what is required of them, always checking in to make sure everything is fine. Recently Karan had a fracture (broke a bone in his leg). Rashi heard about it and immediately reached out with advice on what foods to eat and what care to take to help the bone heal faster. This is the kind of person she is. She builds a relationship with everyone that comes into her life and is always so positive and leaves you feeling better.

Thank you Rashi!


/ Karan Mirwani /