26th May, 2024 in Dubai


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After struggling with endometriosis and perimenopause myself, I’ve realized that most of the doctors have very easy solutions to give us (read: OCPS, IUDs or simply lose the excess weight). But we don’t realize the huge price our bodies pay for these easy solutions in the long run.  

Instead of choosing conventional medicine, I leaned into my own body’s cues and I’m so glad I chose to listen to my body and heal myself. And this is exactly why I started Body Literacy - to help every menstruating woman out there understand what’s going on with their hormones and take charge of it instead of letting a health practitioner put you on medication that does more harm than good in the long run.

- Rashi Chowdhary



The 15-Day
Gut Cleanse Program

5th June - 20th June 2024

for only AED 500)

Unhealthy eating habits, an inactive or stressful lifestyle & overuse of medication can cause gut inflammation.

And poor gut microbiome manifests itself through a compromised immune system, tons of health issues like PCOS, thyroid, stubborn weight, malnutrition and slow brain performance.

We think medication or supplements can help heal our gut, but the truth is, without proper nutrition & mindfulness practices, gut recovery can be an uphill battle.

This 15-day Gut Cleanse Program is designed in a way that can help you understand what’s triggering your symptoms and help restore your gut microbiome naturally.

*Please note - Not for diabetics, pregnant women and people with other severe medical conditions* No refunds or batch change once you sign up.

The wait is over! Rashi's Body Literacy Workshop is back!

What exactly is body literacy? Body literacy is about listening to and learning more about your body's natural rhythms, changes and signals so you can understand and feel more empowered when it comes to your health. Simply put, body literacy involves understanding your body better.

If you’re a menstruating woman, you NEED to attend this workshop!

No woman is the same and we're here to help you know yourselves better as women. And that’s why, we’ve come up with an intensely detailed workshop conducted by Rashi to help you know your body better and take charge of it.

Our next workshop is taking place on the 26th of May, 2024 at Smith Street Cafe, Dubai.

26th May, 2024 in Dubai


Sold out

What does the event include?

An interactive workshop with Rashi on Body Literacy which will shed light on mainly 3 important concepts - Oat Axis, Ovulation and Cycle Syncing to help you take charge of your body.

The workshop will kickoff with a detailed quiz that each attendee needs to fill out which will help them understand what's going on with their hormones and how can they fix it.

Live QNA session with Rashi exclusively

This Gut Cleanse is for you if...

You have digestive problems

Like constant belching, bloating, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, hyperacidity or gas, or a disturbed poop cycle.

You have PCOS & Thyroid

Imbalanced gut microbiota contributes to symptoms of PCOS & essential micronutrients like iodine, iron, and copper are NOT absorbed by your body, resulting in thyroid disorders.

You can't seem to lose weight

Our gut bacteria are not responsible for direct weight loss. But it does determine how much energy your body absorbs and also how hungry or full you feel after a meal.

Please do not join this program purely for weight loss, as it is an indirect effect and not a direct one.

You have an auto-immune disorder

Gut permeability releases harmful toxins in the bloodstream, causing constant triggering of the body’s immune reaction leads to auto-immune conditions like Hashimoto's or Graves.


You have skin-related issues

Increased gut mucosal permeability disrupts the skin microbiome and causes skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, hives, eczema, rosacea and atopic dermatitis.

You're facing anxiety & brain fog

Your emotions are communicated to your gut via bidirectional nerve pathways. Imbalanced gut bacteria sends signals to the brain that trigger mood swings, anxiety and depression.


When and where?

Sunday, 26th May, 4 PM onwards at the Smith Street Cafe, Dubai Studio City.

The event is priced at

Sold out

❤️Know your body, know yourself: Embrace Body Literacy! Kindly RSVP to secure your slot.

We can't wait to have you! 🧡